S.P. Kanal Books

1. The ethics of Devatma 

It gives a detailed account of his (Devatma’s) metaphysics, the nature & psychology of the human 

soul, his ethics dealing with the good and life of man together with the problem of human bondage

and freedom within naturalistic framework.

Philosophy & Phenomenological Research, Buffalo, U.S.A. 

Devatma Has broken a new ground in the development of Indian Philosophy thought. The present 

book is an impressive contribution in the field of philosophy”. Prof. D. D. Vadekar, Editor

Encyclopaedia of Philosophy in Marathi 

“I am struck by the consummate skill of (its) very absorbing presentation.” Dr.S.C. Biswas, Head of 

the Department of Philosophy, University of Allahabad.

“Comparable in talent and in the range of its intellectual interests to Raja Ram Mohan Roy, the father

of Indian Renaissance, Devatma was astonishingly scientific and modern in his outlook. Prof. Kanal

has laid under obligation the entire community of scholars by offering in his The Ethics of Devatma,

thoughts of a highly original mind, a noble soul and altogether most remarkable personage.” Dr. N. N.

Deva raja , BenarasHinduUniversity and National Professor.

2. An introduction to Dev Dharma 

“Queries about the exact nature & philosophy of Dev Dharma are very convincingly & cogently

answered. The book is truly inspiring. Students of comparative religion will find it informative &

educative.” The Pioneer, Lucknow.

3. Naturalism in modern Indian philosophy 

It corrects the wrong impressive that Indian thought is exclusive Brahmavada. It presents Devatma’s

Naturalism in succinct but inspiring language.

4. To be good 

The auther deals in 16 chapters the practical ethics of understanding & harmony in inter-personal

relationships. “A wealth of anecdotes culled from personal experience helps along the exposition,

which is often deeply edifying.” Prof. De Smets in ‘Indian Theological studies, Bangalore.

“The book is replete with insightful observations of an authentic life.” The Philosophical Quarterly

5. The philosophy of Religion 

There is no dearth of books dealing with the philosophy of religion which either defend religious

beliefs about God, immorality of soul faith, revelation, miracles, visions, or show how beliefs in God,

or immorality of soul, revelation are of non cognitive character neither true nor false but meaningless.

This book belong to the rare category of books which offers naturalistic reconstruction of religion,

i.e., how new orientation can be given to religion any without any supernatural beliefs. It presents the

varied facets the religion of Deva Dharma in its theoretical reconstruction and practical application to

the problem of harmony in interpersonal relation, moksha from suffering, and international peace.

This book is printed in the following 17 monographs also:

Naturalism in Deva Dharma

Why do we not believe in God?

What can take the place of God in religion?

Can Humanism take the place of God in religion?

Why is Deva Dharma true religion?

The basis of morality and Religion

The meaning of life

Unity of religions

The future of religion

The concept of ideal man in religion

Religion in the service of new society

Religion in the service of interpersonal relationship

Religion in the service of education

Freedom from suffering

Religion for world peace

The challenge of evil in man

The world of religious experience

6. God in Indian philosophy 

This pamphlet gives verse and chapter now Indian Philosophy is essentially atheistic. It shows how

highest spiritual life is consistent with atheism.

7. The culture of Dev Samaj 

The book is a masterpiece of social, intellectual, moral and spiritual culture. The auther writes in a very

lucid style with unimpeded flow of language – Indian Philosophy and culture, Vrindavan

8. Harmony in human Relations 

The six chapters of the book To be Good are reprinted in this separate booklet. They deal specially with

the problem of how harmony can be re-established if it is lost or how it can be strengthened if we enjoy


9. What Dev dharma can offer you? 

It is a statement of what distinguishes Deva Dharma from other religions of the world. It considers the

relation of religion to science, evolution, morality and spiritualism.

10. Nirishwarvada-Ek adhayayan (Hindi) 

The book is full- length critical study of theism in its historic, logical, scientific and psychological


11.Devatma ka Parichey (Hindi) 

It gives a brief biographical sketch of Devatma, his foundational difference from human soul in its

altruistic conduct and psychological structure and the conditions of rapport with him.

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