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We present the life -sketch of Devatma. It is necessary to caution the reader of this site that it is not the life-sketch of a great man, a noble soul, a saint, a mahatma, a great mystic, in one word of a perfect human being. It is the life-sketch of a religious genius who founded a naturalism religion, divergent in species from the theistic, absolutistic or spiritualistic religions of the world. The world of religion up to his time was polytheistic, theistic, atheistic, spiritualistic & humanistic in its system of thought and humanistic in its system of thought and practice. He offers a new spurt in religious evolution, build with complete commitment to scientific temper and method and in untiring efforts to discover human nature and its destiny. His findings of evolutionary naturalism offer no loopholes for easy deliverance from human slavery to passions and freedom into life of light and salvation. His scriptures can be taken as books in science.  Philosophy and life are concave and convex of a person. Such unique religion of absolute excellence is reflection of his unique life of absolute excellence. It invites utmost curiosity to read it, to enjoy being dazzled by it, to feel in it most valuable fulfillment of one’s destiny.

Life & philosophy of Devatma completely broke away from all classical religions and established naturalistic religions of Dev Dharma through study of the value aspect of the human soul, in the context of Biology and studied the conditions of its life and death through empirical methods.  If the reader is free from bondage to ancient scriptures and is committed to scientific truth, he will greatly relish with abundant delight the new horizons of truth of soul presented to him. The literature of Devatma depicts most graphically the inner evolution of life and truth in the life of the narrator and towards the close it offers treasure house of truths on Nature, human soul and human destiny discovered by Devatma.  Every great religious founder claims some excellence for himself which distinguishes him from mankind. There is nothing wrong about it for the founder claims by his excellence the allegiance of mankind for their destiny.

He attributed his special excellences to natural conditions and creative spurt of the process of evolution. He came to reconstruct religion without supernatural being of God, heaven and hell. He took the natural world as studied by science as the only reality and his birth and excellence as much explicable by natural conditions as other events. Since He has described his superior genius without reference to God, the reader might mistake him as another human being, however exalted, talking too much about himself. It is not taken as egotism when Christ says “I and Father are one” or “I am the God” No one takes Jesus Christ to be saying too much when he says “I am the way, the truth & the life”. So we must not commit the sin to think of Devatma as egotistic when he says, “I am alone the founder and teacher of true religion and the one true light and power for soul welfare”.

What is that distinguishes the psychology of Devatma from the rest of mankind, including the founders of major religions? In his autobiography Devatma describes how he developed the gestalt of eight constituents of the feeling of love of truth and eight constituents of Vairagya for untruth unknown to mankind. To appreciate what would be the gestalt of the eight constituents of the love of truth, the reader may exercise his utmost reach of understanding in naming them before reading the text. Similarly, let him form an idea of Vairagya and then read the Devatma’s list of Vairagya he developed. The reader will find that he has encountered the highest excellences of spirit.  From his very birth, he was endowed by Nature with certain Unique Powers, in their rudimentary forms, which he gradually evolved with the advance of his age. These unique powers were destined to distinguish him from all other human beings.

However his altruistic feelings in character are from similar altruistic feelings in human beings. His altruistic (moral virtues) sprouted from love of goodness, whereas the human altruistic feelings are motivated by love of pleasure. Human altruistic feelings lack purity, comprehensiveness and depth and are disposed to deviate into untruth and evil. Devatma’s altruistic feelings were free from all these defects for they had their perennial motivation in love of goodness and absolute in love of truth. Human altruism is Hedonistic whereas Devatma’s altruism is philosophic in character, to put it in the language of Plato.

Again, Devatma describe (in volume II) how love of goodness branched itself into harvest of altruistic feelings & how he came to develop hatred for all forms of evil.  The psychology of love of truth and goodness and hatred for untruth and evil developed a life of light and power called Dev Jiwan which enabled him to seek truth about his own life and about the nature and destiny of human soul. His light and power have the potency to deliver mankind from bondage to untruth and evil and cultivate in him life of altruistic excellence.  The life and teachings of Devatma open for the reader new drama of spiritual life in the history of the earth.

Let us take Bhagwan Devatma’s description of the growth and development of inner spiritual genius in a positive way in the light it needs to be taken for dharmic enjoyment and edification. Aristotle rightly points out that the highest object of contemplation for God is Himself for being the highest reality and the supreme truth of the universe. Bhagwan Devatma’s presentation of himself in literature as the highest unfoldment of the process of evolution offers understanding of the process of evolution which lights up the whole universe. It was inevitable for Bhagwan Devatma as lover of the highest truth to contemplate on his life for it was the supreme truth of the universe. We feel blessed in reading his life and teaching for we become witness to the highest glory of the universe. As the sun gives us eyes and light to see its splendour, Bhagwan Devatma’s literature gives us light and power to be witness to the highest life which has emerged in the world through evolution.

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