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Natural, cruelty free and environmental advocate products

All our products are made with certified organic ingredients, no petrochemicals and entirely vegan and cruelty-free.

All our products are —free from meat and free from harmful chemicals, alcohol and drugs, free from any micro-plastics, based on the traditional holistic healing system, pure minerals and organic botanical ingredients.

Also there are no nasty chemicals, preservatives or animal ingredients used so you can be guilt-free when you’re using the products.

We are bringing the pure herbal natural products which are fit for vegan and the altruistic people. Our all product are entirely natural, traditional herbal, vegan and palm oil-free.

All the products sold under the brand are organic, pure and promise highest standards of quality.

Genuine natural herbs, which can make a difference in one’s aliveness – we don’t need health, we need aliveness.

No animals are killed and no oceanic ecosystems are destroyed as a result.

In these difficult times, it is more important than ever to have a healthy diet, as well as exercising in a way that suits our lifestyle.
For those that adopt a plant-based diet, it is not only great to eat healthy foods, it is also good for the planet.


The Herbal natural products – an endeavor to bring health and vitality into one’s life by providing the body with the necessary supplements.

We believe in giving everyone the opportunity to adopt a healthier lifestyle. We believe in leading by example, in developing our community, in having responsible values, adopting best practices and focusing on doing the best. We believe that being good, should taste good.

We think it’s important that everyone has the chance — and importantly, the choice — to fuel their bodies with natural goodness, which is why we’ll continue to innovate products that are 100% vegan and spread the word.

We grew from a desire to make natural, plant-based products that taste amazing and power up everyone, every day. After all, if you choose to be more mindful about how your diet affects your health and the planet, we want to reward that choice with high quality, healthy and exceptionally tasty products. All in all, we believe in cutting animal products out of your diet, not cutting out taste.

We focus on discovering the natural ingredients that can make our skin healthier and more radiant and preventing them from going to landfill.

The main focus of the brand is to give people the opportunity to be healthy, green in everyday life; and 100% of products are from plant and natural origin and all are organic.
Therefore 100% vegan, cruelty-free and organic tanning brand, have respect for the environment is our main focus.

Riway’s Purtier Placenta

Live Cell Therapy has been known as the only process proven to be safe and effective in reversing the aging process. As a result, PURTIER Placenta is a formulation of carefully selected fresh Deer Placenta that is full of nutrients and active living cells.
As one of the least polluted places on earth, New Zealand is rightly chosen as the production country of PURTIER. Scientists are of the opinion that the essential functions of the constituents of fresh Deer Placenta are to make the body immune system stronger.
Having strong immune system is a prerequisite for longevity as it empowers all cells, organs, and body to retain their finest health state.
Apart from other 12 priceless natural components, Deer Placenta is particularly selected as the core active component for Purtier Placenta due to its biocompatibility with our human body.

The existing technology drawback has been eliminated by the capsule, which contains 10,000mg of Deer Placenta, and is composed of a 100:1 high concentration ratio. Besides, NucleiClavem™ and FUCOIDAN EXTRACT has been added to the newest edition to make 6th Edition PURTIER capsules to contain 12 precious nutrients.

Purtier Placenta’s efficacy is greatly enhanced to be the most unique and invaluable health supplement.

Purtier Placenta offers an essential care for your health and reverses aging because its formula is continuously improved as a mark of staying true to its purpose.

Tyent ACE-13 Water Ioniser

What is a Water Ioniser?

Water ionizing machines are small household appliances that calibrate the pH level of regular tap water in order to make it more alkaline or acidic. The general rule of thumb to follow is that water with a pH level higher than seven is more alkaline, and water with a pH level less than seven is more acidic.

Water with a pH level of seven is considered neutral and safe for making baby formula, eating, or taking medications. With the best water ionizer in your home, you can cleanse your tap water of impurities and utilise adjustable settings for cleaning or sterilising applications.

History of the Water Ioniser

Water ionization is a relatively new concept to the United States and Europe, but alkaline water technology has been widely used in Japan and other parts of Asia for much longer.

The first commercial water ionizer was manufactured in 1950, but these ancient designs were large and rarely used outside of hospitals. By 1958, Japanese manufacturers began producing residential water ionizers that were certified as medical devices for the improvement of health.

Korea soon followed and began mass-producing water ionizer units by the 1970s.