FAQ’s Devatma Organization


What is the unique object of Devatma organization?
Devatma organization is the first organization in the history of the world which presents the scientific philosophy of Devatma regarding human soul.Devatma’s religion is a science which discovers the laws of the soul, its conditions of health and ill-health just as medicine discovers the laws of the body, its conditions of health and ill health. It does not reduce ethics to psychology nor biology or any other natural science. The scientific method must be employed in the field of religion and religion can be made into a science, like other sciences. Devatma’s religion is the only religion that can claim to be scientific in spirit, for it alone openly accepts scientific methods as necessary for truth discovery and verification in the field of religion.
When it is said that Devatma’s religion is scientific in spirit, it means more than that it rejects supernaturalism or it accepts the findings of science at any particular period. It means that like science it accepts that no belief is too sacred to be re-examined and re-evaluated or rejected if new facts come to light which make that imperative. Just as it is no loss to the prestige of science, rather it is to its glorification when it modified any one of its theories to meet the demand of facts and truths, similarly Devatma’s  holds it be its glory that it permits its beliefs to be revised if scientific method so demands it. Devatma’s philosophy avoids conflicts between science and religion, because it accepts that scientific verification is necessary for a belief to be true. This is the first offering that Devatma’s philosophy makes to modern man in search of a religion which does not compromise his scientific makeup. Devatma brought the field of religion under investigation by scientific method and therefore founded the science of religion.
What is human soul?
Human soul is a force. It is a living force. It is an organized living force. It is an evolved form of organized life force. It is an organism of several forces. Its organism is not fully complete, like human body. So we can define soul thus, “The organized life force, comprising of different powers, inhabiting the human living body is called the human soul.”
What is meant by the soul and his organism?
Man’s existence consists of his organic life-force and his organic living body, which the former is the most essential thing, because it is this organic life-force, which under favourable conditions builds his organic living body, and maintains or keeps it alive. This organic life – force in man is called his soul. It possesses various intellectual and emotional powers as its organs.
What is the relation between soul and body?
Man’s soul and body are very intimately connected with each other. Just as his body cannot live and thrive without his soul, so his soul cannot and does not live, feel, thinking I act without a living organic material body of human type. Since force & matter are never found quite apart from each other, the soul of man has a very close connection with his bodily organism. Just as the Human body becomes dead, if its soul leaves it off, so a soul is unable to feel, to think or to do anything without an organism living body and hence loses its entity and becomes extinct.
What is the law of change in soul?
Man’s soul like his body being a part of Nature, is subject to its Universal Law of Change or variation.
When and how does the soul born?
According to natures immutable law, when man and woman copulate their two special living cells, sometimes unite by their mutual attraction to form one new living cell, and the life force of both the cells also amalgamates into one life force. This is only through the process of such union that this new life force exhibits in itself the power of constructing an organized living human body. This very body building life power is the absolutely new tiny soul in the womb of the women. This is by the process of nature an absolutely new soul, which did not at all exist before, comes into being.
Does soul build finer body hereafter?
Just as man’s soul builds its gross living body, on this earth, it can & does build after the death of that body, another and finer living body of human type and of that type only, for its tenement and expression, under certain Favourable Conditions.
What is the degradation of soul?
As Force & Matter being both parts of Nature are subject to its Laws, so this Life-Force too is subject to the Law of change or variation like all other existences in nature. Therefore the constructive power of man’s soul too varies, i.e. decreases or increases under different conditions or causes, and the belief that the human soul is unchangeable or stable by its Nature is altogether groundless. Our daily experience shows that there is change going on in our feelings & thoughts, which are properties of our soul. Being a part of Nature, man’s soul is deeply related to its other parts, i.e. human & sub-human worlds. Hence, if it thinks, feels and acts in such a way as to contribute towards the betterment of these worlds, it fulfils the Law of Evolution, and becomes better thereby in its own constitution, and develops its constructive powers. On the contrary, if it proves harmful to them by its evil feelings, of lover loves & hates , it goes counter to the Law of Evolution & suffers various kinds of woeful consequences in relation to itself & in relation to others.
What are the causes of soul’s degradation?
When a soul is moved by its
(a) Lower loves for various kinds of pleasure, for their own sake, and binds itself with various pleasure-giving objects, for pleasure’s sake.
(b) lower hates or ill-will towards any living or non-living being, that may be opposed to or be a hindrance to any of its pleasure or pleasure-giving objects, it is led to
(a) Various kinds of falsehoods in relation to itself and other;
(b) Various kinds of wrongs in relation to itself and others and is thereby degraded.
What are the consequences of degradation?
By following the degrading the course of life, a soul suffers from the following the inevitable consequences thereof in accordance with the immutable Laws of Nature namely:-
(a) It creates more and more psychic darkness in and around it;
(b) It becomes slave to its various degrading feeling and to various objects that to various objects that give them satisfaction;
(c) It loses more and more its capacity for freedom or salvation from its degrading course and for evolving higher light and higher feelings in it;
(d) It loses its constructive power, which is limited, so that if it continues to lose it, till it is limited, so that if it continues to lose it, till it is completely lost, it becomes extinct, being unable to build up a living material body which is essential for its living and expression.
What is the way to emancipation and higher evolution?
The true and the only way, according to laws of Nature, for man’s freedom from his degradation feelings & their resultant thoughts and acts, and the evolution of his Constructive or higher powers is, that he should get,
I. such a psychic Light as can enlighten him regarding the true nature of his soul-organism, its diseases and their harmful consequences , their cure, the need of evolving higher feelings, thoughts and acts, in their real ugly shape;
II. Such a heart-changing psychic power as can create in him repulsion against & pain for his degrading feelings, thoughts & acts ,in place of his attraction for them, and evolve those higher feelings and their higher loves that he lacks and that are to required promote the constructive power of his soul.
What is the evolution of powers of higher life and their fruits?
In so far as a soul is able
1. To get freedom from its various degrading feelings of lower loves & hates and their resultant thoughts and acts
2. To develop higher or constructive feelings in it, to that extent, it becomes,
I. higher or elevated as regards its own organism;
II. Relatively able to rightly adjust its relations with other parts of Nature;
III. able to prolong its life-power;
IV. able to produce, in its body refined cells of higher quality, and build there from a higher kind of refined material body after the death of its gross material body, and reach and live according to its gross material body, and reach and live according to its inner condition in a more or less higher region of another refined or subtle world and enjoy its blessings.
What is the importance of the constructive power of soul?
The power of the soul, by virtue of which, it builds its body, is called its constructive power. It is by far the most important of all its other powers, since, if it becomes unfit to build up a living body for itself, it cannot exist, and is therefore bound to perish.