Devatma evolved these new determinants in Him. The determinant of goodness has given Him complete freedom from jealousy, vindictiveness, vanity, low-hates from the start. It has given Him mastery over sensual desires of life. It has evolved in Him all the higher feelings, for example, Feelings of

  • 1. Duty;
  • 2. Gratitude;
  • 3. helpfulness of others;
  • 4. attraction for the altruistic virtues of others;
  • 5. Inviolate regard for sacred vows;
  • 6. Doing things to a finish;
  • 7. Feeling to establish good producing harmony;
  • 8.Respect and reverence for elders;
  • 9. Compassion;
  • 10. cleanliness;
  • 11. Feelings to prolong the life and utility of things;
  • 12. Feelings of attraction for flowers;
  • 13. Feelings of attraction for birds;
  • 14. Self-help;
  • 15. Self-respect;
  • 16. Sense of justice and discipline &c.

2. Complete love of Truth in Devatma

(The determinant of truth evolved in Him)

The various constituents’ of the love of truth that evolved in Devatma are as under:

  • 1. Love of speaking truth;
  • 2. Love for speaking clear and  unambiguous expression of truth;
  • 3. Love for acquiring true knowledge;
  • 4. Love for accepting and assimilating truth;
  • 5. Love to the fulfilling of true pledge or engagement or carry out right commitments or promises;
  • 6. Love for the propagation or dissemination of truth;
  • 7. Love to espouse the truth; and loyalty under all conditions.
  • 8. Love for investigation of truth in the domain of religion or research in the field of religion.

Side by side with the evolution of the various constituents of the

love of truth, there developed in Devatma the following different feelings of

‘vairagya’ or aversion or repulsion for untruth as under

  • 1 Complete repulsion for all forms of speaking untruth.
  • Complete repulsion for false vows or promises.
  • 3 Complete repulsion for accepting or assimilating any untruth.
  • 4. Complete repulsion for standing by or following an untruth or supporting any untruth.
  • 5 Complete repulsion for hypocrisy or insincerity.
  • 6 Complete repulsion for darkness born of untruth.
  • 7 Complete repulsion for all forms of happiness or pleasures obtainable by untruth
  • 8. Complete repulsion for all forms of gains derivable from untruth.

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