Human psychology
Every big or small organized living being of the vegetable world:
(a) wants to live; and
(b) does not want to become extinct.
So, it struggles every moment to save itself from extinction and to stay alive. Above the vegetable world every member of the animal and the human kingdoms has, besides the desire to live, developed consciousness of pleasure. It
(a) wants to live;
(b) does not want to become extinct;
(c) wants to live in a pleasurable state; and (d) does not want to suffer pain.
It strives to save itself from death and suffering and to stay alive and happy. Despite moments of suffering, it strives to stay alive. It is the principal instinct of animals and men to stay alive and stay happy, on the one hand, and to avoid death and suffering on the other hand.
Further, between the two strivings, the striving to stay alive is far more dominant in them than the striving for pleasurable satisfactions. Hence except in the case of morbidity, no man, or animal ever tries to destroy itself. On the contrary, it always struggles to live.

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