Ontology Gallery

Ontology Gallery—(The Nature of the universe)


Ontology Gallery is a foundational discipline of Devatma school of thought. It is the philosophical study of being or existence. What are the meanings of being? How do we determine if things exist or not? 


We aim to train members who will understand the laws that Our First and Last Freedom is only in the Nature.The art of being aware of what is going on inside and around us also in NATURE. In this Gallery we train the following points.


The Laws of Nature: Metaphysics

Nature Alone is a Source of All Knowledge

Truth Cannot Be Lost: Evolution

Evolutionary Naturalism in Devatma

Keep The Doors Open: The Human Evolution

Always on the Funeral Pyre—Human Altruistic personality 

The Great Love Affair with the Universe

The Philosophy Whose Time Has Come

A Journey From Fiction to Reality

Skies beyond Skies

A Journey Without End

The Whole World

Human Soul: Unknown to Yourself

The Book of Secrets: Embodied Soul

In Search of a Lost Treasure

You cannot Escape Change

A Small Candle is Enough

You are not immortal

A Little Taste of Human Life-force