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1. Dev Shastra volume I
2. Dev Shastra volume II
3. Dev Shastra volume III
4. Dev Shastra volume IV
5. Four Fundamental Truths about Human Soul
6. The Fundamental Distinction Between the Believers in True Religion and Those of False Ones
7. Fundamentals of Philosophy
8. Scientific Philosophy
9. Freedom from Spiritual Slavery and Higher Evolution of Man
10. False Belief in God and its most Baneful Results
11. Evolution and Dissolution—the Two eternal Laws
12. On Good Manners
13. Mujh mein Dev Jiwan Ka Vikas (The evolution of Divine life in Devatma)—Volume I
14. Mujh mein Dev Jiwan Ka Vikas (The evolution of Divine life in Devatma)—Volume II
15..Aduti-Tiyaag (Volume I)
16. Aduti-Tiyaag (Volume II)
17. Aduti-Tiyaag (Volume III)
18. Aduti-Tiyaag (Volume IV)
19. Aduti-Tiyaag (Volume V)
20. Aduti-Tiyaag (Volume VI)
21. Aduti-Tiyaag (Volume VII)
22. Atam Katha—A brief autobiographical sketch
23. Moral and Spiritual order in the Universe
24. My Talks With Theists
25. Life and Teaching of Devatma
26. Spiritual Heritage of Dev Dharma
27. When We Live Untruthful and Evil Life
28. Peace of Mind and Higher Life
29. Panorama of Good Life
30. Outlines of the History of Dev Samaj
31. The Ethics of Devatma
32. To Be Good
33. The Chandelier of Altruism
34. Goodness in Everyday Life
35. The Philosophy of Religion.
36. Perspectives of the Philosophy of Devatma
37. Naturalism in Modern Indian Philosophy
38. The Concept of Man
39. An Introduction to Dev Dharma
40. The Culture of Dev Samaj
41. Snapshots of Dev Samaj
42. Dialogues on Indian Culture
43. Tradition and Modernity in Religion
44. Harmony in Human Relations
45. On Vegetarian
46. Future of man’s Perfectibility
47. Secular State & Religion
48. What Dev Dharma Can Offer You
49. God in Indian Philosophy
50. Atheism in North India
51. Nature and kinds of Religion
52. The Future of Man’s Perfectibility
53. God, Man & the Universe
54. God, Moksha & the Universe
55. A Study of Sattvic Life
56. Religion & Science
57. Religion, Morality & Society
58. Naturalistic Reconstruction of Religion
59.Sublime Species
60. Moral & Spiritual Values in Dev Dharma
61. Philosophy of Life in Religion
62. Some Perspectives of My Master’s Life
63. Why Do We Advocate Vegetarianism
64. Money Madness
65. What is Wrong with the Moral Education of Children
66. Integration of Traditional and Modern Values in Education
67. Religions & Moral Instructions
68. Value Education for a Secular Society
69. Inspirational Prayers
70. Humanistic Prayers & Hyms
71. Humanistic Education
72. Gems of Thought
73. Glimpses of Beauty Sublime
74. Humanistic Meditations
75. A Sequel to Gems of Thought
76. Quest for Truth
77. Devatma Ka Parichey
78. Dev Dharma Ka Parichey
79. Dev Samaj Ka Parichey
80. Devatma Ka Neeti Shastra
81. Nirishwarvada—Ek—Adhayan
82. Devatma Darsana: Bahuvidh Vivechan
83. Bhartia Sanskriti Ka Aadhar
84. Aadarsh Ma
85. Devatma ka Darshan (The Philosophy of Devatma)
86. Dev Atma
87. My Bhagwan- What I Saw of Him
88. What Worked These Miracles
89. Fundamentals of Moral & Spiritual Life
90. Deva Dharma in the Service of Man
91. Revolution in Religion
92. Sixteen Noble Truths of Dev Dharma
93. In Thy Light
94. A Short Catechism on the Unique Life and Teachings of Bhagwan Dev Atma
95. A Burning Problem of India & Right Solution
96. A Life-Sketch of ‘God’
97. Do the Teaching and Acts of the So-called God Entitle Him to be a Worshipful
98.-Would Human and Animal world Really Suffer or Immensely Benifit it Belief in God is Rejected?
99. God Belief and Horrors of Crusades.
100. God Beleifs and its Resultant Horrors of Slave Trade.
101. Altruism
102. Why to be Good
103. Blessings of Good Life
104. Some Insights into Human Ideal
105. Understanding, Charity and Freedom
106. Pitfalls of Vanity
107. Selfishness & Hatred are Enemies of Man
108. Love, Peace and Success
109. Good and How to Attain it
110. The Nature of Right
111. Ways of Knowing
112. Understanding Faith
113. Fundamentals of Philosophy & Life of Soul
114. Eight Outstanding Conditions for Peace & Security
115. Life of the Master in His Own Words
116. Fourteen Fundamentals of the Philosophy & Religion of Deva Dharma
117. What I Gathered from Devatma’s Fruits and Philiosophy
118. The Ascent of Soul
119. My Bhagwan
120. His Influences Work These Miracles
121. The Exemplary and Unique Life of Bhgwan Devatma132
122. Why Do I Worship Devatma?
123. Secular Religion
124. Spiritual Lfie for the Scientific Age
125. Panorama on Good life
126. The Light of Truth on Human Soul
127. Dev Dharma and World Religions
128. Deva Dharma in the Service of Religions
129. Religion for Today
130. The Problem of Higher Life and True Peace of Mind
131. Why Goodness is at Discount and Evil Abounds
133. Why Fiction Fascinates and Truth is at Discount
133. What Dev Dharma Can Mean to Us
135. Evolutionary Interpretation of Evil
136. Deva Dharma’s Approach to Religion
137.—Naturalism in Dev Dharma, (1) (1984)
138. Why do we not believe in God (2), (1984)
139. Can Humanism Be a Substitute for Religion? (3) (1984)
140. What Can take the Place of God in Religion? (4) (1984)
141. What Makes Dev Dharma a True Religion? (5) (1984)
142. The Basis of Morality & Religion (6) (1984)
143. The meaning of life (7) (1984)
144. Unity of Religion (8) (1984)
145. The Future of Religion (9) (1984)
146. The concept of Ideal Man in Religion (10) (1982)
147. Dev Dharma in the Service of New Society (11) (1984)
148. Religion and Human Relations (12) (1984)
149. Religion in the service of Education (13) (1984)
150. The Challenge of Suffering in Human Life (14) (1984)
151. The world of Religious Experience (17) (1984)

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