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Devatma (1850-1929) was a unique character in human history – he was a pioneering social reformer, an extraordinary religious leader, an ethically evolutionary philosopher, and an indescribably sublime soul (divine life) gifted with complete love for truth and goodness. Devatma as a founder of Dev Samaj (science-grounded religion) was born to Pandit Rameshwar Agnihotri and  Mohan Kunwar, in Akbarpur, Disttkanpur, Uttar Pardesh,  India on 20th December 1850.

His first name was Shiv Narayan Agnihotri but today he is revered as Bhagwan Devatma. The moving soul is gifted with absolute love for truth and goodness that may guide humanity to overcome human weaknesses and disbeliefs.

On 20 December1882, Devatma vowed to follow a sublime life under the new name Satyanand Agnihotri.  The popular name ‘ Devatma’ is the spiritual name of  Sri  Satya Nand Agnihotri. His disciples look at him as Bhagwan Devatma because of his complete love of truth and goodness and hatred of untruth and evil and thus referred to him as Bhagwan Devatma. This is just like the popular name of  Buddha, or say Mahatma Budha whose actual name was Prince Gautum of Kapilvastu state.

In spiritual context this practice of affixing a new word which has a different meaning to the word God is  very common as we  have known, but it fits in with the persons  having super souls  meant for the service of mankind through their self-sacrifice.  Devatma is an apt addition to the list of names of souls who sacrificed their lives for the social cause. His life and teachings compel us to admit Sri Satyanand Agnihotri  as a super-human  and  psychological aspects of this study proves this.

Devatma belongs to the modern era of science and technology, and gets the opportunity to reveal the growth and development of our inner lives in the name of religion which can be tried upon the anvil of modern sciences and social constraints.

It was an urge within the Devatma to reshape the existing structure of society with the help of love of goodness and truth in humanity. This is the unique culture of truth  which Devatma  inculcates in  himself  and in due course of time  is to  replace speculation  of  humans into reality in its personality  by the concurring methodology of science. The philosophy rehabilitates human soul in the natural order of things,  and simultaneously it studies the laws of its evolution and its affecting results.

Love of goodness in Devatma intends to cultivate higher altruistic feelings in human and demolish the ancient religious structures which have been a source of lower feelings in all relationships. This evolves soul-consciousness and schedules destiny of the material man. In this way his teachings and his life itself seems to usher in the culture of scientific truths which by no means was an accidental phenomenon claimed by ancient religions.

This push of his philosophy giving exact explanation of evolution and its process passionately matches with the scientific theories learnt by a common man learning the alphabets of modern sciences and Darwinism.  How earth came into existence, and how  living organisms evolved,  and then how man is carried forward through geniuses is explained with the stick of truth even in this era of falsehood and a plethora of religious verdicts, and  false diktats of the religious  leaders.  The latter flop en masse besides the stick yard of Galileo, Newton and Einstein but the approaches of Devatma not only survived this but also supported the same semantically, syntactically and thus systematically speaking the language of science and only science and far away from falsehood.

It is his love of truth that led Devatma to embrace scientific methods and test the imagination-sponsored beliefs.  This rejects the supernatural beliefs, puffed up by political platforms, prevailing in the world. In this way the philosophy of Devatma mounts itself on the apex, and so, this philosophy is absolutely detached from the falsehood and craves for veracity and the essence of truth. However, this testing may take longer times since experimentation has its own process before it proves something as real or reel. This is mathematical in nature.

His love of goodness, led him to concentrate his study on good of human souls. It is man who can understand and discover some truths, create and appreciate beauty, perceive and practise some virtues.  Teaching of this subject is the discipline of Devatma.

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