Morality and Religion

A man must go beyond morality to enter the world of spirituality. What is spirituality? First, it is knowledge of soul, its origin, nature & the laws of its changes, growth & development & death.

Dev Dharma offers scientific knowledge of soul. It is wrong to identify spiritual knowledge with the super-natural beliefs about soul, as it is foolish to identify  knowledge of physics with the animistic Aristotelian Physics . Soul is part of the natural world . To think of it as having its origin outside the evolutionary process in Nature is to deny the incontrovertible facts of evolution. Man has evolved from the life forces in the animal kingdom. How can this be denied ? Human Soul is life force like life forces in the animal kingdom. Its distinct name is in view of certain evolved powers it has which are different from the life forces of the animal world.

Dev Dharma teaches the scientific truth that human soul is part of Nature. It is under the laws of change, of growth and decay.  It grows under certain conditions , just as our body grows under certain conditions. It decays under certain conditions as body decays under certain conditions. It gains in vitality & vigour when it develops altruistic motivations. It loses in vitality & health when it develops low loves & low hates which make it think & do harm to others. Spiritual knowledge is the knowledge of the laws of the life & death of soul. It is clear from this account that it is wrong to identify Dev Dharma with morality only. In spite of its insistence on developing altruistic motivation towards all relations as the meaning of morality , It enlightens the soul to see its origin  , its nature  , & the conditions of its life & death. The Founder of Dev Dharma says in fact the knowledge of true Religion means :

” The  true knowledge of
The nature & constitution of the soul organism ;
The nature of those soul forces which are called low loves & low hates & of those soul diseases & soul degradation which these     low loves & low hates generate in man;
The nature of the most deplorable , destructive & undue misery- producing consequences of soul degradation ;
The nature of true Moksha & the process , based on the immutable laws of Nature , by which any fit soul can get that Moksha
or freedom from his soul degrading inner forces & the absolute necessity of the evolution of that blessed higher life which is     generated by awakening in human soul of the various psychic forces called higher loves or altruistic feelings & its most blessed     fruits & their attainment;
means in fact the knowledge of true religion.”

However, we do not become religious in life when we merely know the spiritual truth about soul. This knowledge must turn into spiritual wisdom. A man is religious if he thinks & acts in terms of the good of his soul , just as a man loves health when he thinks & acts in terms of the good of his body. The founder of Dev Dharma makes  this explicit. He says  :

“So long a man ……. possess true desire or deep longing  :
To get true freedom from various kinds of low loves of sensual pleasures , egotism , wealth , property , children etc., & their     resultant low hates , false mythical beliefs or superstitious faiths , perverted vision , falsehoods & various forms of other     degrading evil deeds ;
To obtain true purification from evil effects ;
To evolve unselfish & higher or altruistic forces, for the service of others;
Does not get  true satsang ( higher environment or society ) & perform true sadhana (devotional exercise) which may help him
in the attainment of the above three things;
he does not enter the world of true Dharma Raj ( Higher life ) & does not become a truly religious or Dharmaic soul.”

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