About Human Soul

Dev Dharma is the product of the application of scientific method to the discovery of the moral and spiritual constitution of human soul. Devatma’s philosophic perspective makes a complete departure from all other religious studies of human soul.

According to Devatma, Human soul is a force. It is a living force. It is an organized living force. It is an evolved form of organized life force. It is an organism of several forces. Its organism is not fully complete, like human body. So we can define soul thus, “The organized life force, comprising of different powers, inhabiting the human living body is called the human soul.”

Not only human beings but also plants and animals have life/souls. Man is a soul/body unit. Both soul and body is the product of the evolution. Soul has evolved out of inanimate energy, as body has evolved of inanimate matter. The life/soul primarily appeared in unicellular bodies, then in multi-cellular bodies in plants and animals. Human soul is a much evolved form of life.

The basic foundation of Devatma’s study of human soul is that

Human soul is a part of Nature
It has a biological origin
It is the product of the evolutionary process.
It is product of changes in the Natural world and therefore is in ceaseless change for better and worse.
It can stay alive under certain physical and psychological conditions.
It can die under certain physical and psychological conditions.
It has a dependent origination.
The biological origin of human soul has the power of construction in it to build, sustain, repair and re-produce it own kind.
Fundamental characteristics common to all organized life forces are:

To build one or other kind of body
To maintain or nurture that living body
To living body alive
To multiply itself

But Human soul in addition to the above has other functions too, i.e. of mental powers in the form of sense perception, recognition, recall imagination, spatial and ego consciousnesses, and desires, emotions and conduct. Human soul is biological, cognitive, emotive and conative in its functions.

This constructive power of evolution is inherited from the process of the evolution for the process of evolution is the process of bringing into being of newer and newer species which have resulted in man. The emergence of man through the evolutionary process reveals the character of the evolutionary process. Human being has the capacity to discover some truths, to actualize some elements of justice and compassion in its social life, to appreciate and create beauty.
Devatma holds that truth and goodness are the conditions for the preservation and strengthening of the constitution of the soul. If the human soul indulges in falsehoods and evil conduct, he harms the constructive power of his soul which sustains his being and if he persists in falsehoods and evil conduct, the constructive power of his soul is completely lost and since there is no power of the soul left to sustain the body, both the soul and the body get extinct.

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