Miracle of Devatma

Miracle of devatma is the story of evolution.

Devatma’s mission was only pregnant with the promises of the miraculous step in the irresistible march of the inevitable process of evolution i.e, new quality of life where human being needs unshakable faith, uncoquerable determination, ever-replenshing enthusiasm and inexhaustible patience, to be devoted and dedicated to the service of the process of evolution.

The false coins of miracles are current in the religious world and have driven out of view the true miracles of nature and man.

The miracles have the following defects.

They are against the fundamental and immutable laws of nature. Therefore, these are absolutely and complete false.

Even if, for logic, they are supposed to be true, do not invariable or

ever and always produce good. For example, to curse a tree into a fruitless one, to turn a woman into a stone, to turn a stick into a snake, to turn water into wine, are all miracles by which evil results.

These extraordinary changes are taking place into physical world only  which has lowest value rather than ethical or spiritual world. Even if they claim, for logic, to have produced good , but this good is the lowest in order of values, such as physical values, mental values and moral values.

These religious leaders cannot be said to bring about in these miracles anything which is not being done at better level by other mortals. By the doctors, in the hospitals, how many people are cured their blindness, as well as who are apparently dead are being brought back to consciousness and cured into healthy individuals. Again, the sweets which is  supposed to fallen from tree is not better than the sweet-sellers so and so on.

These miracles are non-repeatable incidents and not performed regularly. They support to blur the vision that spirituality consists in freedom from consciousness, love of altruism and above all love of truth and goodness.

‘Miracles are those new evolutionary facts which come into existence under special conditions and by special methods and special powers.’ A true miracle is not a single isolated event which comes into existence once only and then disappears into nothingness

Man who is one of nature’s greatest miracles, has helped the evolution of nature in various directions.

Through the agency of great scientists, philosophers, master artists and moral geniuses, true miracles took place. In the physical world- for example beautiful rivers, beutiful forests and great architectural buildings like Taj mahal, great temples in south india, Nepolean’s graveyard, lenin column and ajanta caves are beautiful works.

In the plant world, new fruits,beatiful flowers and vegetables come into existence which are so attractive to look at and so sweet to taste.

In the animal world, the beautiful horse, the innocent looking cow overflowing with milk, the faithful dog with wonderful new qualities.

In the human world, ambitious personalities, philosophers, poets, master artists, great scientists,  philanthropics, altruistics and moral geniuses etc took place after plenty years of evolutions.

Devatma has brought unique miraculous changes that must make one gasp in wonder. They constitute the greatest miracle in nature. He has so miraculously changed some human beings that they have become standing miracles for all who knew them before.

Debauchees have been changed into protectors of women’s honour. Dishonest dealer have been chaged into trusted guardians of the helpless widows’ property. Men who delighted in killing animal lifejust for sport and lust of taste, have grown to be so morally courageous as to forbid hunting within their own estates and to refuse meat to the highest official authority.

See further, they have not only stopped being disloyal to their wives by violating other women’s honour, but instead of lustful attitude they have developed true respect for women’s personality. It is not only that persons have given up dishonesty but have developed hate for it. What a marval! What a beautiful to change love for gross evils into hate for them!

Further transformation of human nature has been brought about how to be an ideal in different relations. Does an average son see the true relation in which he stands to his parents? Or does a son see parents in their true aspect in relation to him? not at all! Those rare children who have seen parents as parents have become idols of mankind.

In the indian history there is only one sharavan kumar-an ideal son who saw his duty of life to take his blind parents from place to place and spend his life in discharge of this duty. What a marvel! And while dying, he had one wish and will to make to his murderer, i.e. to fulfill his duty to his parents. Devatma has produced hundreds of shravans. He has turned ungrateful children, callous to the ills and ailments of their parents into greatful solace to their parents.

How many brothers are able to see their true relation to their brothers? Instead of relation of mutual respect, mutual harmony, mutual service, and mutual adjustment and accomodation, we have enmity, ill-will, fights, murders, jealousy between them. We have one lakshman to write about. Devatma has changed/turned brothers of Aurangzeb type into lakshamans so much so that property decisions, instead of being dragged to courts, have been made by post cards. Therefore miracle is not the word for such changes.

Devatma has transformed intensely selfish persons into altruistis souls who live for the good of others. What a change! And what a blessing!! It is more than a miracle.

Higher to these never-ceasing miracles is the creation of soul-consciousness in human souls. The whole humanity was in absolute darkness about soul-consciousness. The human soul cried for salvation from the pains of soul-diseased produced by man’s inordinate and dominating love of his own pleasure. But they found no satisfaction way. Some deserving/fit souls have been given soul consciousness through Devatma. We have some persons who think, feel and act in terms of soul well-being.

These highest changes in human soul are beyond the grasp of understanding and therefore beyond appreciation. But the autobiographical sketches of these persons with soul-consciousness read like romances from religious world.

Devatma’s miracles are the true and the  greatest achievement of nature. Because

They do not contradict the law of nature of human soul.

The miraculous changes brought about by devatma definitely and invariably make the individual soul better than before

These miracles are not isolated events once performed and never repeated.

These true miracles are the resuilt of true insight into the nature, and organism of human soul, its diseases and laws of its health and diseases.

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