Difference Of Beauty

The difference between the beauty of soul is that we can show that quality with the waving of our fingers but it can not be directional towards beauty. We can wave towards a pencil to till that its color is Red. Its shape is circular. It is six inches high & depth is ½ inch. But beauty can not be shown like quantity. Beauty is not a single quality towards a soul but that shares the relationship like a bunch of qualities. That is a complete association of parts & qualities. This quality lightens when the parts of qualities of the soul can be wanted and it must in maturity state to be compared with one another. If we consider a human body. A body is said to beautiful when it is complete in all organs. If a body doesn’t possess an ears, or arms, or legs then such body can’t be said beautiful. Same way if a body possess all the organs but development of these organs are not proper them also that body is not beautiful. If he is dwarf or his head is small or may be the arms have not develop because of Polio, then also the body can’t he said  ‘beautiful’. If may be all organ are complete & properly developed but even than if their coordination with each other is not accurate, the body is not beautiful. In childhood the body parts doesn’t develop together and at same speed. Sometimes one organ develops and sometimes any other develops very slow or negligible. This type of childhood when coordination between the development of the organs un balanced & body look ugly.The body when reaches at maturity stage the coordination between the body parts get improved and body looks beautiful. This is clear that all the three ways we can value the beauty by calculating its parts. If every part  is fully developed ? If the coordination between the organs is accurate from these aspects a candidate can be judged in the beauty contest.

Quality & beauty can be differentiated in one more way. Beauty is not bonded with any of union. Body can be beautiful, a painting can be beautiful, a song can be beautiful, a shape can be beautiful, a novel can be beautiful, a play can be beautiful, yes one sided talk can be beautiful. Euclid’s Euclidean Geometry is a beautiful proof :

This explanations makes it clear that Organic whole is a quality, whose parts must be accurate & coordination should be balanced.

These three aspects of beauty is considered as a good behavior. Good behavior and idols ways makes one bond. Any good behavior can be judged by the ways of beauty. Suppose a contractor gaves charity for a hospital, his intention behind it is too get more & more contracts. Same other contractor who will give same amount of charity but with a motive of kindness. When he was a boy & his parents were poor, than he got services from this hospital. And he pays this money is an installment of that credits. In both these behaviors which one is beautiful ? When we consider both such behaviors we can judge the way as selfishness instead of being beautiful and the other is selfness kind & beautiful. We have seen in 6th chapter that human nature is full of patient are aggravated, known or unknown is mixed with such feelings. If we considered human nature and behavior than we come to know that from these point of view, it stand at lowest level. In 7th lesson, we have got that a person is free from all low-loves and low-hates still there will be a difference in man’s soul’s &  Devatma’s soul. Man’s behavior is changeable. Its not complete in counting. Every moral behavior is not complete. His reputation is not accurate the depth is not accurate. These types of deficiencies leads a person to an ugly. We can compare a single behavior of human nature with beauty. We take the behavior of kindness. We saw that kindness towards others in not meaningful to every one. If we considered our body then we can say that we are deficient towards a good human nature like a persons and with three fingers only. Our kindness towards others is not that deep. Our kindness towards a single helper are a group of helpers is nor coordinated properly. The imbalance between a behavior is such that our hands three fingers than the thickness is not accurately balanced & even height of the longest is small and the height of the smallest is the longest than how ugly it looks. When we consider our behavior in terms of organs we can see how deficient & ugly its looks. If we examine these behaviors in terms of such examples than we will came to know why beauty is lacking in it.

If we suppose that human nature is complete in counting, depth, detail, then also lies and sadness occurred in this nature which never let it complete by taking the place in behavior or thoughts that’s why in this union ugliness never leaves it place. Devatma’s soul is based upon truthfulness and happiness. He never leads to lies sadness. His thoughts sun never sets with the clouds of lies. In human nature the more true way are mixed instead of backwardness the more will be its counting, detail & depth & more beautiful. Because human nature is bound to have a complete freedom towards backwardness up to the peak that’s why beauty varies from less to more. In their behavior any adulteration of good or bad is not considered. There ways are completely neat & chaste. Not only this they are complete in counting. They do not possess any fault in depth, detail.  That Devatma’s soul’s complete union of count , depth, detail & it is beautiful with the lights of beauty. This union of all ways makes it complete. Devatma’s soul is completely field with sublime behaviour.

This difference can be understand by one more way. Any behavior can be considered more volved if added with two or three good behaviors instead of one single suppose I work for the rights of scheduled caste people. He behaved for a certain behavior judicially. This behavior is value able. But if I possess mercy towards S.cs and humanity then my this behavior will be considered in most colorful way. My behavior will be multi colored and most value able. The more the rainbow colors will be in my behavior the more value able will be my behavior. Human ethical ways are only one or two in counting, in result to that our behaviors are beautiful like the colors of rainbow. That’s why either man or devatma’s soul is any behavior according of external vision in of one type but their  way are as different as sky to floor. Devatma’s soul is good behavior is considered completely beautiful as rainbow but it lacks in humans good behaviour.


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