Psychological Purpose

If readers are able to get the sublime influences (Dev Prabhavas) of Devatma according to their capacity, that extend they will not only be enabled to fulfill the wish of Devatma but also will be enabled to see and realize more and more the reality and the laws of spiritual life and will develop love for such virtues and blessings of divine life and its laws for which Devatma has developed capacity to know and realize the truth.
Readers can know the wish of Devatma in his own words-

“I want to produce heaven on earth. I want to herald a religion on this earth which will be destructive of all sins and evils and which will produce men of trust and Character through whom human relations will be in all respects sweet and blessed. I want to establish a religion which gives true Salvation to human souls and so fashions high character in them that they prove a complete blessing not only for fellow human beings but for all living beings with whom they have beneficial relationship. If such high-character men are evolved and their noble life becomes a creative and dynamic tradition, then not only my mission in life will be fulfilled but it will also establish its own uniqueness.”

Secondly If the site is able to convince to readers that Devatma, the founder of Dev-Dharma but the Light of the universe, is the only Spiritual Sun, born with very gifted psychology (Complete Love of truth & Goodness; Complete Hatred of Untruth, evil & sin) in the evolutionary process of Nature, who is unique not only in his Intrinsic value but also in extrinsic value, it has done its service.

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