P.V.Kanal Books

1. Dev Atma
2. My Bhagwan- What I Saw of Him
3. What Worked These Miracles
4. Fundamentals of Moral & Spiritual Life
5. Deva Dharma in the Service of Man
6. Revolution in Religion
7. Sixteen Noble Truths of Dev Dharma
8. In Thy Light
9. A Short Catechism on the Unique Life and Teachings of Bhagwan Dev Atma
10. A Burning Problem of India & Right Solution
11. A Life-Sketch of ‘God’
12. Do the Teaching and Acts of the So-called God Entitle Him to be a Worshipful Being?
13.Would Human and Animal world Really Suffer or Immensely Benifit it Belief in God is Rejected?
14. God Belief andHorrors of Crusades.
15. God Beleifs and its Resultant Horrors of Slave Trade.
16. Altruism
17. Why to be Good
18. Blessings of Good Life
19. Some Insights into Human Ideal
20. Understanding, Charity and Freedom
21. Pitfalls of Vanity
22. Selfishness & Hatred are Enemies of Man
23. Love, Peace and Success
24. Good and How to Attain it
25. The Nature of Right
26. Ways of Knowing
27. Understanding Faith
28. Fundamentals of Philosophy & Life of Soul
29. Eight Outstanding Conditions for Peace & Security
30. Life of the Master in His Own Words
31. Fourteen Fundamentals of the Philosophy & Religion of Deva Dharma
32. What I Gathered from Devatma’s Fruits and Philiosophy
33. The Ascent of Soul
34. My Bhagwan
35. His Influences Work These Miracles
36. The Exemplary and Unique Life of Bhgwan Devatma
37. Why Do I Worship Devatma?
38. Secular Religion
39. Spiritual Lfie for the Scientific Age
40. Panorama on Good life
41. The Light of Truth on Human Soul
42. Dev Dharma and World Religions
43. Deva Dharma in the Service of Religions
44. Religion for Today
45. The Problem of Higher Life and True Peace of Mind
46. Why Goodness is at Discount and Evil Abounds
47. Why Fiction Fascinates and Truth is at Discount
48. What Dev Dharma Can Mean to Us
49. Evolutionary Interpretation of Evil
50. Deva Dharma’s Approach to Religion

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