Appeal to Nature


O Nature! O Master-rescuer for the Wasteland! Hands down, thou hath present inevitably wall to wall, door to door, fence to fence, heaven to heaven, threshold to threshold, thought to thought, poesy to poesy, and poet to poet by all means. Assuredly, depends upon this highly evolved soul -billions of human beings are pervasive in thy domain amalgamating non- living creatures too. True to the similar degree, inside thee and your personality those untold generations of human life are available, who are shaping and reshaping without a break. Beholding thy conscious intellect, I’m noticing clearly that out of these species uncountable personalities, many names are vanished on the palette of time. Today their appearance is ‘in the air’, day by day, moment to moment, sight to sight, the heavy weight upon soft eyelids is striving in the rainstorm of gumbo- ripples of split portraits.

These are the residents of NO MAN’S LAND according to their temperament and attributes that time is approaching at the heart’s narrow fence whence they will lose their whole appearance in the tattered cot of mishaps and melancholia, yeah it is not a new state-of-the-art of buffoonery.  This is an old intoxication in a   polished-golden- second -hand cup of seasoned sailor.  Millions and billions have lost their identity even before that ¬-thence, at one shore of the ocean I’m noticing in the sea of thy identity that measureless pearls of life are being demolished and destroyed, at the same time I behold that some such personalities too exist in your existence that are being improved, better certainly than before, indeed they have decent impact on another i.e. much more living beings are getting better in their character.

O Nature! Whether thy majesty, scenery  in front of me,  I’m beholding hitherto is true, thereafter  assuming that portrayal of today where I am wandering in the gyre of this destruction, undoubtedly, this happened  to evolve and save those existences that are going inside you towards nothingness. Heartiest prayers to the maximum extent possible for the people in dilemma, they could BRUSH UP themselves.

May the milieu of improvement be started in them! Is it not reality that until now such happened, if it could not happened, people out of them would not be seen around here who are present. Nevertheless, it’s real fact that there is no satisfactory improvement, more people in my society are sobbing. Thence, where should I go? To whom should I pray? You introduced me the feeling of altruism, providing salvation and evolving others. I couldn’t keep me at the house. I visited to you being forced from that strong aching and excitement.  I wish that from the ripples of the strength of this perplexity whatever improvement can be possible in different places, it should be continuous.

May appropriate circumstances and things be arranged for the aforementioned!

May suitable situations produce! May suitable souls could be found! such souls that could be ‘eremite’,  those who could see your supreme appearance, such supreme individuals that don’t wish to destroy themselves, invariably getting salvation from low-loves and low-hates, evolving high feelings  yearn to uplift, who want to liberate  other countless  souls, that souls who are deformed and  impure they could improve them.

Over and over I wish that auspiciousness may visit! Let this happen! Let this happen! The appropriate things could be achieved for the arrival of truth and auspiciousness.

O Nature! Comprehensive Nature! Highly evolved omnipresent from the beginning, fit for great purpose,  I’m  nothing without  you, if a mustard seed is put on an earth thence what is that’s existence? O boundless Nature! You are too wide to explain! You are endless!!  Millions and billions miles inside you even make no difference. In thy territory who am I? My identity is nothing without thee. My existence depends upon your stem and stamina, that’s why in the anatomy where Devatma exists, it is because of thee. Even Sublime forces are evolved in Devatma in the process of evolution it is because of thee.

O Nature! You have presented this supreme aim for whatever existence that may be successful! O everlasting Nature! Even the song which is sung by Devatma, yet is unknown today. Let it be heard! Let it be known!! The Dev Jiwan-The top highly evolved life let it be revealed. In most of relations what sort of soul darkness and continuous tyranny  is pervasive, for the eradication of allover myth and inauspiciousness, from your side, whatever my appearance   has been presented for the success of this  supreme aim, —to whom can I see? In spite of you who are mine? No one, O storehouse of higher values! Your evolved powers are assisting me, unarguably ‘extremely good’, helpful on the voyage of truth and auspiciousness. May this ‘well built vigor’ be profitable to me!