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The philosophy has had a varied role in the history of thought. No one can deny that we live in a time of change and even turmoil over the role and style of religious leadership. Twentieth century philosophy is influenced by science.  Therefore, in the scientific era, if you think there should be religion which is scientific in content and spirit, evolutionary in its vision on life and universe, moral in its detail duties in all different relationships and spiritual in its knowledge then we introduce the science-grounded religion.

Questions may be raised-

What do we mean the term – science Grounded Religion?  If there is one, true and universal science Grounded Religion which is fully based on the only real existence of eternal Nature, its immutable laws and events for the deserving human beings of every country, community, class and religion, what will be the criteria for testing beliefs which can make it true and justice?

Secondly if it is scientific, then all the theistic religions, so called gods and goddesses, its religious faiths, their founders and preachers will be prove false and futile?
And if it is true what can take the place of God in religion?
And how the Religion is possible in the world where science and religion go hand in hand?
Again, Will it cover the expectations of the world thinkers such as-?
“The Late Rai Bhadur Narender Nath Sen in his daily paper, The Indian Mirror, Calcutta of the 16th October 1901 said:-
It is an age of animalism. The conditions of the times are such as to help to call for the presence of an avtar to offer salvation to the people.”

“Dr. Rabinder Nath Tagore, the foremost living poet of India says:-

Who knows if that day has not already dawned and the sun not risen in the Eastern most horizon of Asia which is destined to illumine the whole world !”
“Shri Guru Gobind Singh, the last well-known teacher of the Sikh Religion said :

Neh kalank  jad awega, nawan wak sunawega?

Meaning: When the holy teacher would come, he would give new precepts!”

“Says Mr. J. H. Moore, in his book called ‘Ethics and Education’,  We need a new Saviour-one who will deliver us from the chains that are put on us in our cradle.”

Is the world, therefore, sorely in need of a system of religion whose teachings are verified by fact and Law of Nature, which are the very basis of Science?

Do you think a religion which supports superstitious beliefs about soul and God is never true religion but only a religion which develops scientific way of thinking in matters religious, is and can be true religion.

On the other side a religion which does not help man to eradicate low-loves and low-hates which harm others, is not really playing the game of evolution i.e., Religion should :

1. help one to see the ugliness of his evil conduct,
2. develop hatred for evil conduct and gives strength to eliminate it.
3. help one to see the beauty of some altruistic feelings.
4. awaken and develops some attractions for altruistic feelings.

In brief, It should advance scientific way of thinking on matters religious and help man to eliminate evil in him and evolve altruistic feelings to the limit of his capacity.

In this task Dev Dharm is approaching a new species of human beings.

The great world-Teacher and Saviour (Devatma, founder of Dev Dharma) has appeared and founded and taught a new system of one, True and Universal Science Grounded Religion, called Dev Dharm.

If the reader is free from bondage to ancient scriptures and is committed to scientific truth, he will greatly relish with abundant delight the new horizons of truth of science-grounded religion presented to him.

The most worshipful Bhagwan Devatma (this being his spiritual name) was born on 20th December 1850, at Akbarpur, District Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh) exactly at the time of sunrise. Devatma’s first name, as given by his parents, was Shiv Narayan Agnihotri.

Dev Atma has given to the world an altogether different and new principle of life to live. Through the evolutionary process of Nature he has inherited those most wonderful sublime forces in his soul which are in total new to the world and which makes him the light of the universe i.e.,

*  Complete and all sided love of Truth.
*  Complete and all sided love of Goodness.
*  Complete and all sided hatred of untruth.
*  Complete and all sided hatred of all that is evil, injustice and wrong in all relations of man to other existences.

These forces have completed the organism of his life force (soul). His own life is ideal life, which he has placed before the World.

This project has been launched to offer the religious world view- Naturalistic ontology (theory of Nature), epistemology (theory of knowledge), ethics and religion – of Dev Dharma, which claims superiority in its truth over the theistic and absolutistic religions for its unconditional commitment to scientific method of discovery and criterion of truth.

Dev dharma is not a set of beliefs or practices. It is another name of Sublime life, i.e., developed life of complete love of truth and goodness and complete hatred for evil and untruth illumined with sublime light and steeled with sublime power.


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