The Law of Relationship


My knowledge of the law of relationship widened. The further explication of this truth revealed another truth that an activity or conduct which is useful in one favourable context can be harmful in an another context. For example, whereas taking of castor oil can be useful in the event of constipation, it is harmful in the contrary state of body. For a baby of one month milk is digestible and healthy but a loaf of bread (‘chapati) is harmful. When the eyes are functioning then it is good to read or write and if they are sore, it is harmful Similarly, in some conditions marriage is beneficial but in others it is harmful. In some conditions, it is good to go for a walk, while in some others it is harmful. In some conditions it is good to forgive a crime but it is harmful in others. In some conditions it is useful to give a sermon to some one but in others, it is harmful. In some context, it is good to express truth in the presence of some one, but in an other context, it is bad. Under some situations, it is good to give charity, while in others it is harmful to do so. In some cases it is good to allow someone to stay in our house and in others it is bad.

Sometimes it is good to meet some one, and sometimes it is not good to do so, etc. etc. These facts revealed the principle of fitness (Adhikar tattva). A person deserves to be given such instructions on what is true and good to the extent to which he can profit from it and not beyond it. There is very intimate relation between the process of evolution and the principle about relationship and between the principle of relationship with the principle of fitness. So with the progress of the knowledge of the process of evolution my knowledge of the principle of relationship and the principle of fitness also grew and developed.

However, it is very essential to bear in mind that though it is not proper to give that knowledge to a person which he is not fit to assimilate and benefit from in life, yet it can never be right or proper to impart untruthful statements or false beliefs or to propagate what is untrue. In the same manner although sometimes it is proper not to forgive or to give charity to a person, when it is not deserved, yet it can never be right or proper under any conditions whatsoever to ask him to do harm or to commit a crime or sin in relation to some other human being. Being bereft of the true knowledge of soul, teachers of several religions of the world, motivated purely by worldly perspective, have given extremely false, evil and sinful teachings to their disciples and thus the greatest harm has been and is being done to the world. It is most terrible to behold how such teachings in the name of’ God’ and religion have produced and are producing horrible results and instead of decreasing sins and crimes, have

in some respect become and continue to remain source of increasing them. The sooner these most destructive teachings about the life of soul disappear from the world , the better for it.