Introductory sessions

  • The importance of the course
  • Insights into the nature of body-soul
  • Science of spirituality and sublime life
  • True and permanent happiness and ecstasy
  • How to live permanent life after this life
  • Question & answer session

The nature and its laws

  • Appeal to nature
  • The laws of nature and soul
  • Human-soul and its functions
  • Evolution and devolution
  • The laws of eternal life
  • How and why only devatma

Human consciousness

  • Levels of human consciousness
  • The laws of nature and soul
  • Science of soul
  • The constructive life-force
  • Dev-hierarchy

The highest meaning of life

  • Soul-knowledge
  • Why are we here
  • Extrinsic beauty
  • Intrinsic beauty
  • Soul-consciousness

Connect to Devatma

  • Science of sublime life
  • Beyond experience
  • Highest level of sublime beauty
  • Importance of faith, reverence, gratitude and love
  • Sublime species
  • Dev-bodh

Attend practice group

  • Dev-festivals
  • The importance of relationships
  • How to live highest meaning of  life
  • Importance of Dev-Prabhavas
  • How to use meditative therapies and Dev-Sadhana
  • Online meditation and Devatma workshop
  • The art of life and Devatma

NOTE: This 10 hour workshop, taught over 3-4 days, teaches a scientific way of energizing Dev-Prabhavas (sublime influences)


Practical wisdom for improving the quality of life and interpersonal relationships

  • These therapies help to know how to control the evil motivations that threaten the very existence of our life and the life of others; how to know our aptitude and abilities and engage ourselves in their development; how to utilise our development aptitude and abilities in the service of the family of man; and how to develop a vision and love for the sublime life, a complete love of Truth, Goodness & Beauty and a complete hatred of untruth and evil.
  • These meditative therapies teach how to live the highest meaning of life and Nurturing human consciousness. And finally how to get Dev prabhavas for connecting to Devatma and its intrinsic beauty—The most beautiful  world of Truth, Goodness and Beauty


(We all want happiness and permanent life but how do we get there)

  • Dev Sadhna therapy
  • The Highest meaning of life therapy 
  • Devatma therapy 
  • Counselling

Dev Sadhna therapy

It is very powerful rhythmic sublime technique that infused the Constructive soul with Sublime light and power where we live in harmony, unity, and evolution.

The Highest meaning of life therapy

The powerful rhythmic scientific technique trains how to develop higher consciousness and remove or lower the low-loves and Low-hates which is the source of negative stress and disharmony in inter-personal relationships.

Devatma therapy
The Most powerful and highly developed technique trains how we can avoid the permanent death of soul and its constructive power where life after death we can survive with subtle body and soul form.

It develops a vision and love for the highly evolved life (sublime-species)—a complete love of truth, goodness and Its intrinsic beauty. Here human finds complete freedom, peace and depth of Meaningful life and beauty.


  • The individual counseling
  • The Couple counselling
  • The Teenage counselling