Terms & Conditions of Our membership

For Membership of Devatma organisation

Declaration Form
(1) Regarding Bhagwan Devatma
I adopt the founder of Dev Samaj, the most worshipful Bhagwan Devatma as my spiritual guru with Mool Vakya.
(Belief in the creed of the Samaj)
Eko hi Devatma Saty-devah,
Sa devajyotir-tejasya Surya
Sa eva-ekah Sadharmma Surya
Sa eva-ekah Sadharma Sikshakah
sarvang atmika kalyanakartah

(One Devatma alone is truly Divine;
He is the sun with sublime light and power.
He Alone is the teacher of true Dharma.
The worker of complete well-being of the soul)

(2) Regarding Vices (Abjuration of Gross sins)

I have already been desisted from the following vices for the last three months and take a vow to remain desisted from these in the time to come:
1. I will not consume any intoxicant only for intoxication. For the same intention, I will neither serve this substance to anybody else myself, nor get it served through somebody else.
2. I will neither eat meat and egg or anything made thereof, nor serve to anybody else and nor get it served through someone else.
3. I will not gamble nor be helpful to others in such an act.
4. I will not steal anything of others nor help others in committing theft.
5. I will not take bribe from anybody.
6. I will not commit any wrong of usurping anybody’s debt, deposit and credit.
7. I will not commit adultery, or help others in doing so. Having my life-partner alive in this world, I will not marry again.
8. I will not kill any living creature due to any reason other than self defense and due right.

(3) Regarding Virtuous acts (on Good conduct)

Accepting that only by good moral conduct can one become a good person. I will as far as possible
(I) attend the Annual Mahotsava of the Master,
(II) be respectful to the master and all other elders while addressing them or speaking about them.,
(III) attend all such congregations which I am entitled to do, and
(IV) will persuade and inspire my family members to attend the sabhas for their spiritual uplift.

(4) Regarding fixed subsciption etc.
I will donate a fixed amount of Rs. One hundred every year, I will send the promised donation, subscription for magazine and fixed donation for the following year upto December 20 or on Devatma’s birthday every year.

1. The people who can’t afford to donate the said amount due to low financial position; they will do the mission related work with the permission of management committee of the organisation.
2. The management of the organisation has all the authorities to separate any member from the mission if they break any oath of the mission or who goes against the objectives of the mission.
3. The oaths taken in this oath letter is same for female applicants too.
4. The age of the member will be decide by the management.

I have read and understand of all above oath with full attention and I want to be the member of mission.


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