Soul’s Relation with Body


Force and matter are never found existing quite apart from each other in Nature. Hence it is impossible for human body and human soul to be separate and still exist. Their relation is inseparable. Just as human gross body dies when soul casts it off, so also soul dies if it fails to build a suitable body for itself in mother’s womb or after the death of its gross body or if at any step it grows so weak that it cannot sustain body.

This soul is able to build a body because it possesses the most wonderful of all its powers called the constructive power. This constructive power, when it is sufficiently strong, begins to make relatively more light and refined cells from the gross body which it makes daily for the upkeep of the living body. At the death of the gross body the soul of man forms, by means of its sufficiently strong constructive power, a new fine or astral body of nearly the same type and shape out of the gross body. With this new body the soul starts its career on the fine earth or astral plane.

This fine or astral bodied soul remains on or near the earth if the new body is too gross to reach and live on the plane of fine or astral plane. These earth-bound souls are those unfortunate souls who have lived wicked lives on this earth. They also lead most miserable lives. If they undergo no change for the better, they continue to lose the vitality or the constructive power of soul. This gradual loss of vitality makes these miserable souls not only to pass through a lot of avoidable miseries but at last ends their existence as individual beings.

But the souls who live on this earth a life of altruism, build a very fine and beautiful refined or astral body and acquire an ability to go to and live on higher planes of the refined earth.

The altruistic life of a man not only beautifies, refines and strengthens the soul but it also enables it according to its growth in altrustic life, to reach higher and higher regions of the astral plane.

If we grasp this great truth of the inseparable relation of human body and human soul, we shall be in a fit state of mind to realize :­

1. That it is entirely a false belief that man’s soul after leaving its gross material body lives anywhere without any living material body.

2. That it is entirely false that man’s soul after casting off the gross material body remains in sleeping condition in the grave under the earth.

3. That it is entirely false that on a certain fixed day called the Day of Judgement, soul will wake up from the grave at the bugle call and appear before the so-called God to receive the judgement about his deeds done on this earth.

4. That it is the entirely a false belief that evil acts could be forgiven, leaving no mark or trace

on the life of soul and thus not degrading the life of human soul. Doctrines of forgiveness of

sins by the so-called God by Himself or by intercession of some agent is a huge illusion.

5. That it is an entirely false idea that the soul of a man re-incarnates i.e., is reborn as a man,

beast, bird or Plant on this earth after it casts off its gross body and thus begins to live again

in another gross body.

6. That it is an entirely false belief that soul is an effect or expression or activity of a living gross

body and that with the death of the gross body, it dies altogether.

7. That it is an entirely false belief that every soul survives the gross body under all conditions

and all circumstances.

The Law of Nature teaches us that only such a soul can survive physical

death which is able enough to build a fine body at that time, out of the fine cells, which it

collects out of the gross body and meets with no mishap.

8. That it is an entirely wrong belief that any soul can escape the inevitable effects of life wedded

to falsehoods and evils through the grace of the so-called God etc.

And yet is it not true that millions of persons welter in the mire of these false beliefs and thereby

deepen their soul darkness and degrade their soul life? It is indeed most regrettable

that humanity in

its present stage is not able to go into ecstacies by reflecting on the truths taught by the Dev Samaj.

But the time shall come when such contribution by the Dev Samaj would be appraised, honoured

and enthusiastically propogated far and wide.