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We are determined to create an opportunity for everyone to record their stories, to create a moment to pause and reflect, in order to relive the feeling of times past later on. Eventually this led to the simple premise upon which we are based: a biographer for every person. A professional writer that fits with the person about whom the book is written. Together you can take a trip down memory lane to capture all of your anecdotes and turning points in your own memoir.

Our our expert team of writers and editors can help you in Fiction, Poetry, literary fiction, non-fiction, humour, history, autobiography, memoir, Mind, Body & Spirit, health, cookery, arts and crafts.

Dr. Raman (Director)

(M.A & M.Phil In English, Ph.D in Hindi, Ph.D in English, D.Litt in English literature, D.Litt on Devatma; 50 Research paper published. The Author of Seven books, Poet, Composer, International speaker, Motivator, Essayist, Critic, painter, Translator. Awardee (National and international number of awards 35)..

Apart from her academic and research activities, Dr. Raman is highly dedicated to Human values and altruistic activities. She has delivered many motivational speeches. She is the Hon’ble Director of Devatma organisation U.K.