Riway’s Purtier Placenta

About Purtier Placenta

Live Cell Therapy has been known as the only process proven to be safe and effective in reversing the aging process. As a result, PURTIER Placenta is a formulation of carefully selected fresh Deer Placenta that is full of nutrients and active living cells.
As one of the least polluted places on earth, New Zealand is rightly chosen as the production country of PURTIER. Scientists are of the opinion that the essential functions of the constituents of fresh Deer Placenta are to make the body immune system stronger.
Having strong immune system is a prerequisite for longevity as it empowers all cells, organs, and body to retain their finest health state.
Apart from other 12 priceless natural components, Deer Placenta is particularly selected as the core active component for Purtier Placenta due to its biocompatibility with our human body.

The existing technology drawback has been eliminated by the capsule, which contains 10,000mg of Deer Placenta, and is composed of a 100:1 high concentration ratio. Besides, NucleiClavem™ and FUCOIDAN EXTRACT has been added to the newest edition to make 6th Edition PURTIER capsules to contain 12 precious nutrients.

Purtier Placenta’s efficacy is greatly enhanced to be the most unique and invaluable health supplement.

Purtier Placenta offers an essential care for your health and reverses aging because its formula is continuously improved as a mark of staying true to its purpose.



The basic principle of good health is that “Prevention is better than cure.” In reality, it is believed that human bodies have the capability to build their own anti-aging mechanism. It may be practically impossible to stop the fleeting time; however, you could design a plan to retain your youthfulness and keep your health in the best condition.

Meanwhile, there is a product that ensures your body’s health and energy – Purtier Placenta. Also known as the “Rolls-Royce of health supplements,” it comprises 10 priceless components that are processed into a best health product.



The only method that has been proven safe globally and effective for aging process reversal, health restoration, releasing of energy and vitality is the Live-Cell Therapy. The miraculous efficiency is obvious in the increasing number of people who use Live-Cell Therapy daily.

Since it was developed, several people have been able to regain their youthfulness and vitality due to the miraculous rejuvenation properties that Live-Cell Therapy possess. Moreover, Live-Cell Therapy has turned into the trusted choice of both the rich and famous to reverse aging and achieve perpetual youthfulness.

Live-Cell Therapy doctors strongly believe and liken Live-Cell Therapy to an organ transplant that has the ability to make aging cells younger.



The formulas and technologies utilized for Purtier Placenta have been perfected after several years of research and development. The impeccable mix of constituents and formulas offers users complete nutrition, and the safe technology gives stability to Purtier Placenta that gives consumers trust and peace of mind.

In each Purtier Placenta capsule is enclosed sound health and capability to reverse time. Purtier Placenta is purely the result of thorough research and fruit of ultramodern technology. We leave no stone unturned to provide the best for your health through the vital care that not only stops time but also reverses it.

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