The purpose of Devatma organisation is the direction of Nature. The direction of Nature is to made truth and goodness as its governing and guiding principle in human nature.

The direction of Nature is a call to a new type of life, an inspiration for an absolute new kind of ideal for human beings, and a chapter of revolutionary truths in the domain of soul.

Also the direction of Nature is to change falsehoods-and-evil producing disposition of man, and to evolve the researchers who can find the problem connected to human soul, the laws of its growth and decay, its health and disease. What are the means of the cure of soul-diseases and what are the conditions of the highest evolution of soul.

Therefore, the direction of Nature is to evolve the highest level of consciousness, to bring the kingdom of truth, goodness and beauty. To bring the highest level of harmony among all kingdoms. To bring such level, Nature is bound to evolve the life-force which will be complete lover of Truth, Goodness and Beauty.

By focusing on our own internal evolution (soul-knowledge and soul-consciousness), we essentially make this world a better place for everyone else.

Let us bring heaven on earth; to herald a new era which will be destructive of all sins and evils and which will produce men of trust and Character through whom human relations will be in all respects sweet and blessed.

Let us all join hand and heart to reach the latest call of evolution which is kingdom of Truth and Goodness to the largest number of fellow human beings so that mankind touches the next leap in evolution.

Nature’s direction is wonderful kind and wants to evolve the man at its highest level which

1. removes all kind of sins and crimes,

  1. Makes individuals sweet, true, reliable and worthy in various relations so that their mutual dealings produce good in all aspects of their lives
  2. Creates such a state of knowledge and higher life in humans, the possession of which makes any human soul capable of doing the greatest good not only to human beings but also to the animals, the vegetables kingdom, and the physical world.

Thy Help!

You may help Devatma organisation in accomplishing its goal by :

  • Offering pure altruistic wishes for human beings, animals, plant and physical world.
  • Attending the various seminars conducted by Devatma organisation, for the further evolution of Nature (which is the reason for why are we here).
  • Contributing generously to Devatma organisation.
  • Becoming a member of Devatma organisation.