Philosophy oF Life After Death


1. On our gross solar system assuming organised form, each of its parts has been emitting subtle particles, according to the ceaseless law of change, and they have, under the law of gravitation formed themselves into a subtle solar system, similar in form to the gross solar system. The subtle earth of this subtle solar system is called Paraloka.

2. This subtle earth is divided into more and more graded regions. Each region is called a ‘Loka’ in Hindi (each higher region is higher in value content). The second is more beauteous and superior to the first, the third to the second, the fourth to the third, the fifth to the fourth, the sixth to the fifth, the seventh to the sixth, the eighth to the seventh, the ninth to the eighth, the tenth to the ninth, etc. Below the first region there are comparatively speaking lower regions called ‘Pradesha’ in which persons and creatures of very low nature reside.

3. If the soul of a deceased person is able to obtain in sufficient amount, subtle particles from its gross body and has in it sufficient form-giving creative power to give them a form, then it can in a short time have a new subtle body, similar to its earlier gross body and lives as before as a living organism. On assuming subtle but similar bodily existence the soul goes to reside in one or another lower or higher region of ‘Parloka’ or ‘Pradesha’ according to its higher or lower character. However, if it is not qualified to enter ‘Parloka’ or ‘Pradesha’, it stays on this earth or in an area surrounding it. Such unqualified souls are called Adham-atmas (evil souls) and their place of residence is called Adham-loka (evil region).

4. As a soul rises higher in character, it correspondingly produces higher quality of subtle particles and on its death it obtains for constructing its new body, these higher quality subtle particles and is thus able to build a higher and finer body. It becomes qualified to enter and reside in a higher subtle region to the measure of its noble and higher character.

5. To the extent a soul is low in character, to that extent it produces subtle particles of lower quality and at the time of death of its body, it forms a subtle body of poor quality (if it has the constructive power to do it) and qualifies to stay either on earth or in one or another region of Paraloka according to the quality of its life.

6. To the extent a soul has capacity for higher and higher life and becomes noble, it correspondingly can live longer and is privileged to ascend to higher and higher regions of Parloka.

7. A soul, in whatever region it may be, which lacks the capacity to rise in higher life, gradually goes on deteriorating in its constructive power, and one day it is completely extinct in that or some other region.

8. A soul given to evil activity loses its capacity to produce subtle particles of that organ of the body (say, hands, feet, mouth, eye, ear, sex-organs etc.) to the extent it uses it to harm existences of some kingdom of Nature and therefore on the death of the gross body, it does not make that subtle organ for which it does not get the necessary amount of subtle particles or forms and incomplete organ if it gets inadequate subtle particles.

9. The subtle body which a sin-ridden soul forms on the death of its gross body either does not possess one or more of organs or possesses incomplete and useless organs. Due to the absence of some organs or having incomplete and useless organs, it suffers heart-rending pain besides the pain it experiences due to its degraded state of life.

10. These degraded souls (adham atmas) subsist on the subtle particles that emanate from the food prepared in the houses of their relatives or other persons or which are found on shops for sale or on the edible fruits of trees. They quench their thirst by subtle particles of water. The adham-atmas (degraded souls) given to meat diet go to slaughter houses or meat shops and take the subtle particles of the blood and flesh of the slaughtered animals. Besides, they kill and eat the subtle-bodied animals which on death do not qualify to enter Parloka and are condemned to stay in ‘adham’ region. Sometimes they kill and eat little children who on death are able to form subtle body for themselves but cannot defend themselves in the absence of their guardians or protectors in adham region or higher regions.

11. Millions of beings of the animal kingdom which are exclusively carnivorous or otherwise harmful get completely extinct on their death. Apart from them, there are several kinds of animals which go to Parloka. They go to the higher regions of Parloka according to the degree of their usefulness in cosmic relations. Millions of sin-ridden human souls, (which include thousands of believers of one God) are condemned to stay in ‘Adham loka’ or cannot go beyond the first or the second loka, while useful animals like cow and bull etc., qualify to comparatively higher regions on their death.

The same law is operative in the case of beings of the vegetable kingdom. However, no plant or tree, big or small, builds its subtle body after its death near the place where it stood. On being capable of going to Parloka, it goes there with subtle particles, finds roots in that ground and then assumes a subtle body similar to its gross body on earth.

12. Men, animals and plants staying in different regions of Parloka go through similar routine of daily activities which they did on earth with their gross bodies. The only difference is that unlike the villages and cities of this earth, men and animals of low and higher character do not stay mixed together but persons and animals of more or less same character stay together in a region to which they are qualified.

13. The higher the regions of Parloka, the better are its physical geography and nobler are its men, animals and plants which inhabit it. There is comparatively greater harmony and happiness amongst them, i.e., their mutual relations is sweeter, happier and more peaceful and life-promoting. As opposed to this, the lower the region, the lower are the men, animals etc., which inhabit it. Their mutual relations are comparatively less sweet, less peaceful and less happy. The condition of the inhabitants of very low regions is comparatively worse and the condition of the inhabitants of adham loka is most wretched and painful.

14. Hundreds of the inhabitants of Parloka on finding someone of their relations on earth in a state of trouble come to his rescue by their suggestion or prayers. If anyone among the relations is dying, then besides helping him to assume new subtle body, they take him along to Parloka if he is qualified for it and help him in one or another way.

15. So long a person does not develop an altruistic feeling in him by which he does unselfish service in relation to some department of Nature, he cannot rise to a region higher that the second. Though a soul rises to higher and higher regions as it develops various altruistic feelings, yet so long it does not develop complete Deva Jiwan, he cannot establish complete harmony with the higher evolutionary process and make for endless progress in higher life.

16. From among souls devoid of altruistic feelings and given to pleasures, those souls do good to themselves and progress in life who work for social good even through the motivation of name and respect or for obtaining pleasure of Parloka or who develop their intellect and physical welfare. They live longer and gain more pleasure in life in comparison to those souls who do no social good even by such worldly motivation.


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