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On the onset it is essential to be clear to the reader that Devatma organization is a unique society offering scientific philosophy on human soul. It is like a new scripting on slate instead of being a branch of any other organization. Its very purpose is to extend the most recent and systematic (scientific) philosophy of human soul in the modern era. Comparative study of Devatma with philosophers, psychologists and thinkers who based their studies on logic is another attempt that will be made in this topic.
In this organization, blind faith and mere speculation doesn’t find any space. Therefore the philosophy that can be tested and tried by logic investigation is accepted. The organization offers the philosophy of Devatma because it can be defined ‘science of moral and spiritual laws of the soul.

Devatma has defined the ethical questions raised by rational thinkers. What is the meaning of life, the upright goal of life, the future of religion, answers to such questions have been made. In addition to it there is a long queue of questions which answers this science. What is the role of religion in human ‘religion’, why atheists, and what can be the substitute for God to protract religion if there were no God? How do we distinguish religion from ‘religion’, what is human soul, how is it born, what constitutes the organism of the soul, and is it under the universal law of change. What are soul diseases? What is the effect of disease on the soul? What is the degradation of human soul? Moreover, relationship of the body with the soul, does the soul have anything to do with life after death, and what we want others to do for us, and we should reciprocate are some of the question, answers this scientific approach.

Our online lectures and articles provide solutions to these common problems. The philosophy pivots on soul and higher values of life such a

fidelity: the human duty to keep promises,
Reparation: the duty to compensate for any harm done,
Gratitude: feeling duty bound to thank others for their services to us, how so small it may be,
Just: the duty to recognize merit,
Beneficence: an urge to improve the conditions of others
Self-improvement: self analysis and the duty to improve virtue and intelligence
Non-malfeasance: the duty to not injure others etc. Thorough information on this is available on line

There is an urge in everybody because of his qualification: being a human. Therefore there is keen desire to spread the tested and tried message, every way methodical in nature, for the deserving human beings waiting for the opportunity to develop their souls with the acquisition of the apt information for themselves. That sublime knowledge of Devatma followed by the bliss it brings should knock at every door. And there should be an intermittent knock for the sleeping ones. With this common cause, with the same general feeing, with the same sacred desire that nobody if he is human should remain deprived of the bliss I wish to convey the message. .

My gratitude is towards the founder of science-grounded religion. Devatma is too sacred for blasphemy. It is that sublime light that evolved me to describe this superb structure of the scientific philosophy. No claim is being made for my being the messenger of my own. Therefore errors wherever they occur in the presentation of this approach will be humbly accepted.

It would be foolish to think that only this organization has been influential for my task. Many more personalities supported my mind to think like that. Similarly several deserving human beings have extended their shoulders to this organization according to their different skills. But here arises a good question that if so many minds were there to work for this approach then with what right I choose to affix my name as a director. The only justification for the same is that there should be someone at the apex to owe responsibility for writing if the veracity of the philosophy is to counter the falsehood. There should be someone who presents the things, who accepts the objections and who tries to correct the same if the antithesis is stronger than the thesis for the scientific synthesis. And perhaps you would agree that is what the philosophy supports: Testing and Trying, and thus Corrections of the incorrect, ultimately leading us from ‘religion’ to religion. Hence the responsibility for the same, I owe for this mission.

And in the last, we offer our contribution in the hope and faith that scientifically disposed readers will find in Devatma organization, the science grounded religion; they have been seeking for, for their evolution to the blissful but meaningful life. It is an open invitation to all the philosophers to see for them that how well science grounded religion can survive when shorn of its supernatural appendices.

I would like to congratulate, and thank all the contributors rendering great service directly or indirectly.
I am sure that readers will find it interesting and illuminative in many ways.


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