Devatma organisation develops scientific temper and higher feelings to build a society where humanity can reach to its highest level. It educates the people about the immutable laws of Nature and its evolution for human soul (life-force).

For example, when we repeat the acts of selfishness we develop the character of selfishness. If we repeat acts of compassion, gratitude, respect etc., we develop character of compassion, gratitude, respect or a behaviour of Altruism. These virtues also serve to checkmate our ignorance character or vices. If I develop the feeling of gratitude, I am less selfish. Every noble character or virtue, besides being truthful in itself, checks my evil passions. It is far better to develop a virtue than to fight directly an evil passion. Sunshine removes darkness best.

With this hope we have many miles to go to keep our great Promiseto Mother Nature for the betterment of the whole Universe.

If we left this world a little better place, with the following objects, that’s an accomplishment for us.

1. To raise awareness on the harms of various addictions such as intoxicants, drugs, meat/egg/fish diet, gambling and all social evils.

2. To encourage the removal of crimes and anti-social behaviour within society

3. To promote cleaner living and healthier lifestyles.

4. The advancement of education and altruistic life through the provision of educational materials and to provide underprivileged youths with educational scholarships.