Devatma Readmore

Devatma is a sublime life-force, which is neither all-powerful nor all-knowing; however, he is the sublime life, which is liberal from all of the weaknesses of human souls. There is no evil passion that touches his life and conduct, and there is no altruistic feeling that is lacking in him. He is the soul (life- force) with new psychology, and his urges are governed by the principles of truth and goodness.

Every thought and act of his life is processed by these principles, and they bear the charm of unique quality. It is this combination of all-sided love of Truth and Goodness that nourished Devatma so completely, thus making him eligible to open windows towards them for their worship. Rightfully, goodness awaits humankind to prove their faith in Devatma. Only then humans can be liberated, fully evolved, and attain the highest level of spirituality.